Critical Acclaim
"What a midcareer retrospective at the Whitney Museum is to a visual artist, Michael Torke's six-CD set of orchestral music is for a composer. When his recordings for the Argo/Decca label went out of print, Mr. Torke bought up the rights and reissued them himself in a handsome package of vibrant, appealing and well-wrought music."
The New York Times

"Michael Torke practically defined post-Minimalism, a music in which eclectic young composers utilize the repetitive structures of a previous generation to incorporate musical techniques from both the classical tradition and the contemporary pop world."
The Los Angeles Times

"...the six-disk retrospective..[is] minimalism through the lens of pop funk, with one incredibly life-giving piece after another, brimming with witty details, psychedelic colors, and rhythms so giddy you couldn't have previously imagined them."
The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Torke is our Copland: the rare composer who combines staggering technical chops, a rigorous and uncompromising approach to the working-out of material, and the guts to shape that material into music with broad appeal and without irony."
American Record Guide

"a master orchestrator whose shimmering timbral palette makes him the Ravel of his generation"
The New York Times

"some of the most optimistic, joyful and thoroughly uplifting music to appear in recent years"

"A 'vitally inventive composer'"
Financial Times

"Torke lets striking musical imagery grab the senses and carry them along with a rhythmic bravado that has struck many as irresistible"
The Los Angeles Times

"Torke has managed to produce a piece that is utterly captivating"
Edinburgh News

"The music was bright, bold, original and full of optimism. Audiences loved it and found Torke a genuine breath of fresh air"
The Los Angeles Times

"There's something miraculous in the way Michael Torke delves beneath the bonnet of modern American music and strips down the engine to produce a mean machine that sounds like Petrushka crossed with new-deal America"
BBC Music Magazine

"I've a hunch that the name Michael Torke will become a familiar buzz-word in musical circles over the next few months, for he is a gifted young American composer, who has already made a considerable impact in the States, and if this disc is anything to go by seems set to repeat his success here"

"He's now among the most highly valued and recorded American composers"
The Herald

"The time has come, perhaps, for concert audiences to get off their seats, cheer, wave banners and shout support for their favorite teams. We just need more pieces like Michael Torke's Rapture"
The Independent

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